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BMW Motorcycle MOT testing Isleworth, Hounslow and West London

How the MOT test works

To receive an MOT test from our BMW specialists, you must book an appointment with us using the company number, email address or the contact form on our page. Upon arrival, technicians will take your motorcycles or cars and inspect their features, components and the MOT database.

They begin by checking the seat, the horns, license plates, vehicle ID number and lights. Next, they focus on tyres and wheels, the clutch lever, footrests, throttle, braking, suspension and many more till all aspects are checked. A report will be curated, and you will receive an MOT certificate to prove that your vehicle has been tested. 


Why choose us

Jap & German Motorcycles is known for offering high-quality services for its customers and clients in the local area. All our BMW motorcycle specialists have had plenty of years of experience carrying out such jobs, whether repairs, replacements of genuine BMW parts, cleaning mechanisms, wheel alignment or any form of maintenance checkups.

Over time, we've harnessed our industry-recognised qualifications and trained further to ensure all those customers receive thorough services with all bases covered to ensure your BMW passes the test. Contact us today for further information or a free quote that matches your budget. 

About the MOT Test

The annual MOT test primarily focuses on your vehicle's health and condition. Each aspect, feature and component involved in the mechanic makeup of your motorcycle is looked at and carefully analysed for any glaring or underlying faults that could worsen and cause you damage whilst driving on the road.

Jap & German Motorcycles offers its local and surrounding area customers an in-depth MOT test inspection of their bikes so that they can see what needs fixing, replacing or cleaning to improve its performance. 

Vehicle identification

Wheel alignment

Repairs and Instalments for Wheels and Tyres

Engine Repairs and Maintenance

Engine Upgrades

General Repairs for Critical Components

Light Changes

Motorcycle Accessories

MOT Testing


How Often do Motorbikes Need An MOT?

Until your motorbike is approximately three years old, it does not require a formal MOT test; however, when it has hit the three-year age mark, it must pass an annual MOT each year that you legally travel with it on the road.

Riding your motorcycle, or any vehicle for that matter, without a valid MOT from a registered, qualified mechanic can result in your warranty check and insurance becoming invalid and a fine of around £1,000. 

Does My BMW Motorcycle Require An Mot? Isleworth, Hounslow and West London

Does My BMW Motorcycle Require an MOT?

Suppose your existing motorcycle is anywhere between 3-40 years old; in that case, you are legally obliged to book and attend an annual MOT test (Ministry of Transport).

The purpose of proceeding with such tests is that service teams can assess the condition and overall health of your motorbike to see whether or not it is roadworthy and safe.

They have plenty of tools, safety-related items and equipment on deck to perform a complete inspection to the highest industry standard that doesn't miss out on any significant aspects or critical components.

Our BMW motorcycle technicians have years of experience in the field, carrying out numerous MOTs and fault-finding various models and brands of bikes. Rest assured, you and your vehicle are in the safest of hands. 

Book your motorcycle's next MOT 

For those searching for the perfect place to have their BMW motorcycle MOT tested by qualified professionals, look no further than Jap & German Motorcycles. Our highly-skilled technicians are BMW motorcycle specialists with years of experience and knowledge of every significant model under the brand from numerous years.

An MOT test is all-encompassing; it is an opportunity for you to have each individual aspect of your motorcycle assessed and analysed so that our technician experts can find faults and see how healthy your vehicle is. We highly recommend booking a service with us, as we're known for being incredibly thorough during this process, ensuring that all brakes, engines, exhausts, wheels and various other essential and minor components are looked at closely. 

Our Services


BMW Motorbike Repairs

At Jap & German Motorcycles, our professionals offer thorough repairs of BMW motorbikes and motor vehicles for customers and clients in the local area. Whether your engine is faulty, your exhaust is old, or your wheels require replacing, we'll do the utmost to fix all faults and remedy your bike promptly.

Motorrad BMW Motorbike Servicing Isleworth, Hounslow And West London

BMW Motorbike Servicing

Motorbike servicing is essential monthly or yearly as it enables customers with BMW vehicles to get their bikes tested and analysed in-depth by a qualified professional. We'll help fault find and diagnose any issues before carrying out high-quality, efficient repairs to improve your ride and maintain your warranty.

BMW Motorcycle MOT Testing Isleworth, Hounslow And West London

BMW Motorcycle MOT testing

MOT testing helps you find any faults with your vehicle and ensure that they are uncovered quickly before they can worsen. Professional mechanics at Jap & German Motorcycles have plenty of experience in diagnosing BMW motorcycles and recognising underlying issues that the average person may miss. We recommend getting your MOT on an annual basis.