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BMW Motorbike Servicing Isleworth, Hounslow and West London

Specialist BMW Motorrad facilities

Jap & German Motorcycles has specialised BMW Motorrad facilities at our workshop, and our talented team of BMW-approved technicians can welcome you and your vehicle to perform any necessary servicing you require.

It's paramount to travel safely on the road, and you can achieve this with a fully functioning motorcycle with little to no faults and the most efficient parts to enhance its performance. Our professionals are qualified to carry out essential repairs, maintenance and replacements that will ensure efficiency.


Genuine BMW Parts

We utilise genuine BMW Motorrad-approved lubricants and parts for replacing old ones that may have a series of unfixable faults. Jap & German Motorcycles ensures clients' safety by providing accurately fitted parts with at least a two-year warranty for peace of mind that your motor vehicle is insured and you have extra peace of mind.


Diagnostics are checkups that you or local professionals must make on your motorcycles that carefully assess the internal mechanisms of your vehicle, such as the engine, the brake pressure, the fuel system and many more essential factors that must function efficiently when driving. We utilise the latest diagnostic equipment and technology to complete the tests. 

Restoration & rebuilds

Jap & German Motorcycles professional engineers offer clients and customers efficient and high-quality restorations and rebuilds of their entire motorbike and its vital components that allow it to function on the road at its best. We have access to the most suitable replacement parts for your model, making our BMW service inclusive to all motorcycles.

Bike body / paint repairs

Over time, the paint on the body of your bike can crack or become discoloured due to the amount of usage, which can obstruct the overall appearance of your vehicle. Our team at Jap & German Motorcycles have the skills and talents to accurately repaint the body of your back and repair any damage.


Those looking for motorcycle renovations of any kind should look no further than us at Jap & German Motorcycles. Our team of engineers have a vast range of replacement parts and tools to correct all damages and underlying faults you may not have recognised in everyday travels.

Software updates

Retrieving data about your motorcycle is essential to make an accurate diagnosis during a diagnostic checkup or MOT inspection. Our business invests in the highest quality, most efficient software and computer systems so that we can gather information on your bike.


We offer customers and clients an extensive collection of motorcycle accessories to choose from after servicing. These accessories will enhance regular drives with your vehicle, improving comfort levels and safety so that you can always feel safe and secure on the road.


BMW Motorrad – servicing & repairs

Jap & German Motorcycles service offers maintenance and repairs suitable for all BMW motorcycles and vehicles across numerous areas in London and the surrounding locations.

We have a fully insured team of qualified engineers and motor technicians with access to the best safety-related items and equipment to provide accurate part replacements.

These services include cleaning, engine and exhaust repairs, MOT testing and diagnostics, storage security, and others that will improve the state of your vehicle. Contact us today, and our specialists will be on the line to supply a free quote.


We highly recommend booking our services; you can contact us on the company number, fill out the online contact page or send us an email, and our friendly representatives will be there to answer promptly. We'll provide a free quotation and any further information you require on our services.

Highly-Skilled Technicians

Our mechanic technicians are fully insured and qualified individuals who carry out work per the recommended BMW motorcycle service schedule and all manufacturer warranty conditions. We have a highly-skilled and specially-trained team and equip them with the expertise to service, repair, inspect and diagnose a broad range of BMW motorcycles. 

What You Can Expect

We wish customers to be 100% satisfied with all completed services at our workshop centre and do the utmost to ensure we deliver. We offer a free quote to begin, and before any service work is carried out, we'll utilise the latest computer systems and technology to inform you of any additional repairs or maintenance that your vehicle requires for the most precise and thorough service. We also provide our guests with complimentary wifi during a service. 

Vehicle Health Check

Jap & German Motorcycles can perform high-quality free-of-charge comprehensive health checks on your motor vehicle during a monthly or annual bike service. A health check will assess the overall condition of the safety-related items and the critical components that allow them to function while driving. Professionals will check the suspension, brakes and tyres, ensuring they are in good condition. To repair BMW motorcycles, it's best to thoroughly understand the health of the whole vehicle. 

Our Services


BMW Motorbike Repairs

At Jap & German Motorcycles, our professionals offer thorough repairs of BMW motorbikes and motor vehicles for customers and clients in the local area. Whether your engine is faulty, your exhaust is old, or your wheels require replacing, we'll do the utmost to fix all faults and remedy your bike promptly.

Motorrad BMW Motorbike Servicing Isleworth, Hounslow And West London

BMW Motorbike Servicing

Motorbike servicing is essential monthly or yearly as it enables customers with BMW vehicles to get their bikes tested and analysed in-depth by a qualified professional. We'll help fault find and diagnose any issues before carrying out high-quality, efficient repairs to improve your ride and maintain your warranty.

BMW Motorcycle MOT Testing Isleworth, Hounslow And West London

BMW Motorcycle MOT testing

MOT testing helps you find any faults with your vehicle and ensure that they are uncovered quickly before they can worsen. Professional mechanics at Jap & German Motorcycles have plenty of experience in diagnosing BMW motorcycles and recognising underlying issues that the average person may miss. We recommend getting your MOT on an annual basis.