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What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Repairs

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  • 09-12-2022
What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Repairs

There are many common motorcycle repair issues owners have to deal with compared to other road-going vehicles. For instance, motorcycles suffer worn tyres or tyre punctures more often that require repairs or replacements.  Motorbike tyres are at a higher risk of damage since they come into more contact with the road than car tyres. Additionally, bodywork repairs, tension belts and chains, clutch cables, brake pads, electrical failures and fuel system issues are also common for motorcyclists.

You'll also need to consider what type of motorbike you have, given that dirt bikes and road bikes will suffer different types of damage since they are used for different things in different environments.  Motorcycle fuel systems are regularly repaired or replaced compared to other vehicles also. Many motorcycles will have a carburettor, while others will have a fuel injection system and fuel stabilizer for their engine. The hoses for either of these configurations can become dry and crack through use.  Therefore, motorcycle owners will want to have these hoses regularly inspected to avoid expensive repairs. 

Most Common Motorcycle Repairs

Ensuring you can ride your motorcycle safely is everyone's top priority. And while adhering to the rules of the road is one way to ensure your safety and prevent injury, regular bike maintenance and repairs are just as important. Some motorcycle accidents are the result of faulty repairs or poor maintenance.

Given that the personal injury consequences of a motorcycle crash are far more serious than a car crash, it makes sense to bear these common motorcycle repairs in mind, keep an eye out for warning signs and ensure your bike is in the best possible condition for the road. 

Some of the most common problems motorbikes encounter include:

  • Contaminated Fuel
  • Battery Problems
  • Tire Issues
  • Belts / Chains Maintenance
  • Electrical Problems
  • Brake Issues
  • Repairing body damage

 Fuel System Problems

If you crash your motorcycle, you also risk puncturing the fuel tank, a serious issue that you should repair as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can replace the entire fuel tank if it is ruptured or damaged. For your carburettors, you should clean and adjust them as required to allow your fuel delivery system to function properly. For example, if you plan on using your bike for an extended period of time or at different altitudes, you should ensure the fuel jets in the carburettor are adjusted properly.


Damaging the body panels of your motorcycle is a very common issue, and the fix depends on what your bike's body panels are made of. Modern bikes typically have fibreglass panels, which you should have replaced as soon as you notice they are damaged. Other body panels, such as metal ones, don't require immediate repairs but should be replaced or repaired if dented. When your bike's metal panels are dented, pulling them back into shape is fairly straightforward, but your paintwork will most likely need to be stripped and reapplied. 


Electrical issues are another common problem motorcycle owners will regularly come across. However, these issues are usually quite complex, and you are best leaving it to a professional mechanic with the right tools to repair than attempting it yourself. Of course, whenever you want to perform repairs or maintenance on the electrical components of a bike, you should disconnect the battery first to avoid injury or further damage. While bikes usually come with only a limited number of electrical components, the wiring can be complex and diagnosing the issue at hand even more so. 

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