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How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Motorcycle

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  • 27-11-2022
How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Motorcycle

Maintenance Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Motorcycle

Ensuring your motorcycle has a healthy and long lifespan is easy with regular maintenance and attention.  Bikes require as much care as a car to maintain optimum motorcycle performance, whether the bike is used for adventuring, enjoyment or as a practical transport option. Although bike models are less common than most cars, motorbike components are easily found and replaced online.  If the bike is properly maintained, new parts won't need purchasing as frequently, and you save money. And don't forget to keep your motorcycle clean; it helps a lot more than you may think!

Keeping your motorbike running smoothly allows for stress-free rides and long motorcycle engine life.  As a motorcycle owner, there are various ways to ensure your bike is ready to go at all times, from a regular wash to battery maintenance.  Below we discuss the best maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your bike and improve motorcycle performance in the long run.


No one knows your bike better than you, so if you hear or feel something that's not quite right, check it out straight away.  Maybe handling is loose, or a metal rattle has started; either way, there's an issue with your motorbike that should not be left to worsen.  Determine if the problem is something you can DIY fix with expert help or whether it demands a professional engineer in a workshop.

Ignoring a problem will only lead to more extensive damage, thus increasing repair costs and the turnaround time before you can ride the motorbike again. If unable to pay for the repair required immediately, a loan could be used or speak to family and friends, as long as it can be repaid securely. But again, leaving a problem could cost more in the long run, so work out the best choice for you. 

 Avoid Over-Modifying

Personalisation is hugely important within the biking community, as it can signify beliefs, tastes, and the groups each rider is associated with. But, there is a limit when modifications turn from personal identification to a destructive nuisance. Putting too much strain on the bike can weaken components and reduce the motorcycle's lifespan. If installing an upgrade or modifying the bike could affect motorcycle performance, check in with a local expert to seek professional, unbiased advice.

 Break In The Motorcycle Properly 

Like a shoe, a motorbike requires breaking in to perform at its best. Each manufacturer has guidelines to brake in a new motorbike during the first 300m or so. Check online to see what your bike manufacturer advises, and follow suggestions to prevent damage and improve the bike's lifespan.

 Watch Acceleration

It may be fun once in a while or for special occasions, but continuous abrupt acceleration and showy engine revs can cause extensive damage to your bike's lifespan and performance. The key engine components can start to quickly wear down and need repairs more often - costing you a lot of money. Rare stunts won't be hugely problematic as long as the rider handles the motorcycle carefully most of the time. 

 Check Engine Oil Regularly

Check the motorbike has the correct engine oil quality and quantity before setting off on a ride, especially on longer rides. Use the grade of oil recommended by your bike manufacturer for optimal performance.

Professionals recommended replacing motorcycle engine oil every 2000 miles through the timing differs based on the type of oil, type of bike and bike use. The manufacturer's maintenance schedule states when oil requires changing, but changing oil just before the scheduled date will improve engine life. Don't forget oil consumption will rise during summer and fall during winter.

 Ride The Motorbike Properly

Riding the motorcycle how it was designed to be will dramatically help extend the bike's lifespan and ride quality. The best way to protect any motorcycle's engine and increase usable life is to use it properly, without unnecessary revs or manoeuvres. Over-speeding can cause the engine to overheat and become damaged. Here are some easy-to-follow tips;

Minimise sudden & hard acceleration

Minimise sudden braking

Remain below speed limits (mostly)


Bike Chain Maintenance


Engine Maintenance 

 Take Care Of The Battery

Motor batteries need recharging to maintain and supply energy to the motorcycle. Similarly to a car battery, a motorbike battery recharges as you ride, owed to the alternator fitted with a regulator. Yet, each use of the lights or brake lever takes power, so check the battery life before heading out on a ride. Depending on the type of battery installed, maintenance demanded will vary.

Some bikes have older batteries that require water inside, and levels must be checked and topped up regularly. Recent models may have modern, maintenance-free and automotive batteries, limiting worry about the motorbike running out of juice during a long ride. Also, the newer batteries reduce electrical and fluid problems. Some riders use a Trickle Charger to smart charge their motorbikes whilst in storage for more than three days. Trickle Chargers can improve battery life and protect from a dead battery over long periods. 

 Regular Lubrication

Apart from chain grease, a motorcycle requires lubrication for various other components, including; Suspension linkages, Swingarm, Steering-head bearings, Wheel Bearings, and the engine itself. You should lubricate the components at least once a year with the correct type of grease or lube. Also, check the fork oil as this may require replacing. 

 Lube Or Grease The Chain

Keep your motorcycle sufficiently lubed and in place, to keep your motorbike running smoothly. To improve oil absorption, clean the bike and then lubricate the chain after each ride. Make sure the chain has proper slack, bearing in mind excess tension causes gearbox bearing and wheel malfunctions.

 Clean Air Filter Regularly 

It may seem simple, but cleaning the air filter regularly plays a huge role in maintaining peak engine performance. Without proper cleaning, the air filter can easily clog, causing impure air to enter the engine and potentially cause damage. Clogged air filters prevent the correct combination of fuel and air from forming. Check the owner's manual for information on when to change the air filters or clean them whenever returning from a dusty or dirty ride. 

 Use Fuel Cleaner

Residue naturally builds up in your bike's engine and fuel systems over time; the rate it builds up can be accelerated by low-quality gas use. To clean residue deposits in the combustion chambers and carb passages, use a trusted fuel cleaner. The cleaner can also be used as a fuel stabiliser in your bike's engine.If you're unsure about a repair or maintenance process, check your owner's manual. For further advice, please don't wait to contact our friendly and professional team!

 Tyre Maintenance

Every motorcycle rider knows that tyre maintenance is vital for a smooth, and safe ride. Whatsmore, proper periodic tyre care improves the bike's lifespan. Check the tyre pressure for the correct PSI (pounds per square inch), according to the owner's manual, and then check the tyre's tread depth to see if it needs replacing. If the tyre's tread is incorrect, it can lead to tyre blowouts and injury to the rider.

Look out for cracks, splits, bald spots or other damages to repair as soon as possible. Before heading out on long rides to the middle of nowhere, check tyre pressure, tread and condition. If a tyre is completely worn out, replace it, and recycle the old one at a tyre recycling depot.

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