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About BMW Motorbikes

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  • 11-10-2022
About BMW Motorbikes

About BMW Motorbikes

The history of BMW motorcycles is a very interesting one indeed. BMW Motorrad begin building motorcycles in 1923. Although the company actually started life as an aircraft engine manufacturer. After World War 1 their days of building aircraft engines was over and the first bikes began rolling off the line in 1923.

The first motorbikes that BMW built used a flat twin boxer engine. If you are a BMW motorbike enthusiast then you will know that the bikes still use the same flat-twin boxer configuration today. Now though BMW manufactures motorcycles with a variety of other engine configurations as well. All of the BMW motorbike production takes places in their factory in Berlin. Although some of the engines are made in Austria, Taiwan and China the final testing and assembly all takes place in Berlin. Just to make sure that the German engineering is perfect of course!

Most of the motorcycles in the BMW range at the moment were designed by David Robb. He was the company's chief designer from 1993 to 2013 until he was replaced by Edgar Heinrich. As you may already know, the best selling bike for BMW is the R1200GS. This bike is built to take a beating and many users have put this model though its paces over time.

Throughout the history of BMW Motorrad one thing has always stayed true. You can't beat a bit of good old fashioned German engineering when you need to travel through rugged terrain. BMW motorcycles are designed to work in areas where most bikes can't and this is why they have become such a staple within the motorcycle world.

Current production

Except for the G310GS series produced in India, all BMW Motorrad's motorcycle production currently occurs at its Berlin, Germany plant. Some of their engines are manufactured in China, Austria and Taiwan, and the company's current chief designer is Edgar Heinrich.

The current most popular BMW bike model is the R1200GS and its sibling R1200GS Adventure, which sold an amazing 24,467 units, accounting for about 28% of BMW's annual production. Current production includes various chain, shaft and belt-driven models, with engines ranging from 310 ccs to 1,802 ccs, and an array of models designed for all kinds of use such as off-road, sport, touring, and dual-purpose.

 BMW introduced the DOHC Boxer HP2 Sport model in 2008 and entered the off-road competition motorcycle market with their release of the revolutionary BMW G450X model. BMW Motorrad motorcycles are categorized into different product families, with each family assigned a different letter prefix. 

The current families available are the BMW C series, maxi-scooters that are named Urban Mobility Vehicles. The BMW F series with parallel-twin engines of 798 cc capacity that feature either belt or chain drive. F models include F650GS, F700GS, F750GS, F800GS, F850GS Adventure, F800R, F800S, F800GT, F800ST, F900R and F900XR.  The F650GS was powered by a single-cylinder 652cc Rotax engine built in Austria.

The BMW G series consists of single-cylinder engines of 449 to 652 cc capacity and features chain drive. Models include the now discontinued G450X, along with the G650GS, G650 Sertão, G650 Xmoto, G650 Xchallenge and G650 Xcountry.  Kymco in Taiwan manufactures the 450 cc engines. Rotax manufactured the 2009 and 2010 650 cc engine parts in Austria, and the engine was assembled by Loncin Holdings, Ltd in China. 2016 marked the arrival of the BMW G310R, a single-cylinder liquid-cooled model manufactured in India by TVS Motor Company.

The R series is a collection of twin-cylinder boxer engines of 1,170 cc capacity that feature shaft drive. Models include R1250GS Adventure, R1200GS, R1200R, R1200RT, R1200RS, R1250RS, R1250RT, R1200S, R nineT Urban G, R nineT Pure, R nineT scrambler and R18 Classic. The BMW K series features four-cylinder engines of 1,157 to 1,649 cc capacity with shaft drive. The models include the K1600GT, K1600 Grand America, K1600B, K1200LT, K1300GT, K1300R and K1300S. BMW Motorrad launched their six-cylinder, 1,649 cc K1600GT and K1600GTL in 2011.  The S series, S1000RR, is a sportbike with a transverse-mounted, 999 cc inline-four engine. Models also include the S1000R and S1000XR editions.


With a BMW Motorrad adventure bike, possibilities are endless. It gives you limitless freedom to explore the globe with its undeniable power, outstanding durability and intense attitude. Expertly combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology, including ABS as standard, provides a truly unique and thrilling experience. The BMW adventure bike is equipped for any challenge, from twisting mountain passes to the dense wilderness.

No other motorcycle is more adventurous than the GS model. GS bikes have travelled flawlessly on rough dirt paths, through the Gobi desert, through the Thai rainfall and around winding mountain passes since the 1980s, so regardless of any adventure plans you may have in store for yourself, a GS will take you there with style and ease. 


A proper sports bike should be robust and limitless. Whether it's on corners or straights, BMW Motorrad sports bikes will consistently deliver unstoppable performance. 

These bikes are expertly powered by state-of-the-art engines, with a zealous passion for the pursuit of victory. Equipped with highly sophisticated technologies such as Race ABS, ASC, DTC and Gear Shift Assist, these bikes take the road by storm and always provide the ultimate riding experience.


These remarkable six-cylinder K 1600 GT or GTL models continue to set substantial benchmarks in the touring class. These motorbikes offer the ultimate riding comfort and satisfaction for carefree cruising. 

As a fully-equipped luxury touring bike, the F 800 GT mid-range tourer is stylish, versatile and an excellent choice for those interested in BMW's range of touring motorbikes. Recently, BMW introduced their sophisticated and luxurious new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive, the flagship model of their touring range. 


Heritage Range


Touring Range


BMW Motorrad was created to offer an experience of pure exhilaration whilst enjoying life on the road and dominating the city. These effortlessly stylish bikes boast performance to match their distinctive, sports-inspired appearances, with a lightweight build securing optimum agility. 

They are efficient and reliable, delivering extensive riding thrills when cruising the city streets and on the open road. The roadster range confidently displays the stunning details of its inner workings and attracts admiring glances wherever it goes. 


The Heritage family is the ideal companion. It provides limitless fulfilment and countless exciting customizing possibilities. The motorbikes air-cooled boxer engine, combined with state-of-the-art technology, irresistibly propels its riders forward in a way they can feel with its entire torque curve. 

The Heritage family has captivated motorcycling enthusiasts worldwide with its compelling, inspiring and infectious character right from the get-go.


The urban mobility range welcomes riders to the modern movement of the city: a living, breathing, fast-paced environment that is constantly in a state of flux. BMW maxi-scooters are luckily an impeccable match for this particular challenge. 

Combining its dynamic performance with luxurious comfort and control, they can quickly dash through the urban jungle and are perfect for commuting to work, heading out to meet friends or spending a relaxing day in the country. This model enables riders to travel as swiftly as ever before, significantly reducing journey times and replacing anxieties, pressures and inconveniences with versatility and enjoyment.

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